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WARNING: Watch out for these dealers of OXY, Percocet or Vicoden

New York City, NY • 08/29/2007


PLEASE, you must be careful with these two losers:

1) White, Black short hair, spanish/italian looking, thin to medium build and 5'8" to 5'10" height. Sometimes uses an internet address of "easybam....something" or I think his last name of that begins with a V and ends with o on either google, AOL or yahoo.

2) Black, short/buzz cut black hair, african american, stocky build and around 5'11 to 6"0" height

They live on or near Roosevelt Island (we are going to find them!) and always ask to meet on the Manhatten side of the 59th street bride (around 1st, 2nd or third Ave)or on the Queens side or even on Roosevelt Island

Please note they will take your money and scam you. One of the two (they never meet with you together) will ask to meet you on a busy street and than ask/take the money and give you a paper or plastic bag full of vitamins and they start walking away from you fast so by the time you open the bag, they are already long gone! The white guy sends you e-mails after you contact him with your number and his cell number is always blocked. He always ask numerous times if you are a cop and may ask that you send him a face pic from your phone (probably to make sure he does not meet up with one of his previous victims) and than will call or send you e-mails as to where you are to meet and than again when you are at the desired meeting place. They claim to sell OXY's (G-152 or 6-153 [pink color], AGB's 80's (green color), or bananas (yellow perc's 10MG)or vic's.


Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: New York City, NY

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