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New York City > Real Estate > Commercial Real Estate > / 1500ft² - **LOOK** Brand New Office Space

/ 1500ft² - **LOOK** Brand New Office Space

New York City, NY • 09/14/2007

Size: 1,500 Square Feet

Price Per Month: $8,875

Location: Battery Park

Tours By Appointment Only

Contact: NS New York Real Estate Tel: 212 613 3277

REFERENCE: lid9k3wrul9kopral6nuth6br1wruswa l1sebrudajith6v4sw4h2t0swum3m6u3t9 g9d5rob1w8sp7tr5p7dr4som0th4ch1th1d cl4j5u7b9ch5fr6sw0p3sw1sp2ras1bri brifr0n0l1brap5fr7butr7w3d2br0p7c1fr6rus nlmuser:aruncpandya nlmdate:20070914110915


Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: New York City, NY

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