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177 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 797-6863


Category: Shopping
Tags: fashion

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What a cozy suffocatingly tight little store. Probably part of a larger chain somewhere in Ipanima --that's in Brazil for the geographically challenged.

With a self-righteous and winner take all proprietor. Lot's of smiles, until you have a problem... this store takes the cake on small biz service.

Read my lips, no return policy. There on the wall and cash register! 2 x 5 hand written placard! What you missed it, well madam, dis iz a poblem!

You pay, you keep.

Don't like, maybe we make you feel terrible about your purchase then berate you and your friend for bringing them along to explain the return fiasco. Remember in this store the zee customer is not exactly right.

Watch the smiles.

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first of all is IPANEMA, and not ipanima, you can see right away that you have a reading and writing problem, the placard that you mentioned is typed and not hand written, and it says:
merchandise exchange within 14 days with store receipt and for store credit only
yes in two placards!!! can you read it????


I think you were PMS when you got there. The owner is very friendly, spontaneous and a very giving fair person. the boutique is great and has very honest and affordable prices. She has a great taste and this store is a real scape from common places stores, a lot of original items. She is a trendsetter ! you are one in hundreds. Get a life girlfriend !!! Have a good day !!!


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