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409 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Category: Restaurants
Tags: bistro

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Price Range: Moderate, $11-30
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Street
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

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1 review for Bacchus

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It truly is. I go here regularly enough to know the staff. The steak is never overcooked - always tender and delicious. The 1/2 chicken is always moist and delightful. I always order an extra side of fries because they're PERFECT! The salad starters are all good, though if you love goat cheese - those are incredible! The snails in garlic sauce - try them. I hate snails yet love this dish. Oh, and brunch is always fun. Service could be a bit slow when it's busy, but the wine and the bread will keep you occupied if your dinner parther isn't keeping you entertained

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Tags: bistro

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